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Discover opportunities brought by the wind at our small business centred community hub.

Like our sponsors, Loeriesfontein and Khobab Wind Farms, we appreciate the benefits of community development that bring about permanent positive changes.


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As an entrepreneur, small business owner or someone with an interest in business, you are a major focus to us. Starting a small business is increasingly becoming a viable option to many people wanting to gain *financial independence.

*financial independance

1. Is the status of having a stable income to amiably pay one's living expenses for an unlimited period of time without having to be dependent on others. 

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Throughout the year we frequently host free entrepreneurial, community and youth focused training programs at our hub and at various locations. The programs are developed and presented by our skills training partner, Angel’s Resource Centres and are made possible by our sponsors.

Career4Change program is directed at local youth between the ages of 18 to 35. The program content is designed to enable, inform and educate the youth. With a focus on the various personal and employment related aspects to making the best career and work choices.

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Enterprise4Change is a business incubation program aimed at accelerating, developing and mentoring qualified proffesionals. Currently the hub has on offer business incubation to incumbants within IT Management and Graphic Design fields. From our sponsors, the program offers seed funding to the successful applicants.

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The Waste4Change, a free 12 month program is kindly sponsered by LESEDI Solar Park Trust. It is directed at anyone wanting to become self-employed, and provides training in Recycling, Up-cycling, Composting and Waste management. While it also equips the participants with the essential business skills needed to successfully grow a small waste management business.

The Mentorship4Change Program is available to individuals wanting to learn, upskill or develop small business or entrepreneurial skills through business mentorship. The mentors are successful and experienced business persons who have achieved and continue to develop the business change that they aim to share with their mentees.

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Inside our hub, you could utilise the co-working spaces. Which are equipped with desktop computers sufficient to complete any task. We also have a stable wi-fi connection allowing you access to the internet. You could use your laptop to connect to our wi-fi while inside the hub.

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Loeriesfontein Management Services is an independent SMME Support provider located inside the hub, providing a bookkeeping, accounting and a business registration service. Feel free to contact them with our contact details.

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